Tenets of gestalt psychology

Gestalt is German word which means form, shape or configuration and Gestalt psychologists have added the meanings organic whole and organization to it:

1. whole is important
2. phenomenological approach
3. opposition to quantification
4. measuring tool unreliable:-they introduced the concept of organization in between stimulus response (s-r)connections.
5. Laws of perception:-Gestalt psychology emerged out of experimental findings on perception the following principles of perception have been developed by gestalt psychologists.
i. Pragnanz:-The principle of pragnanz means that our perception organization will always be as good as the prevailing conditions allow. The principle plays an important role in motivation.
ii. Closure, proximity and similarity:-
Closure means that mind has a tendency to complete cleaved as assuming a imperfect whole into perfect and closed forms.

According to the principle of proximity objects are perceived as a unity when they are observed in close proximity. The principle of similarity states that objects in like forms or color will be perceived as assuming a grouped formation.

Psychophysical isomorphism:-the concept of Psychophysical isomorphism was borrowed by Koehler from his prof.max plank who developed quantum theory psychological isomorphism means that gestalt is both physic an and mentor

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